Tynte Ionize Alkaline Machine Hybrid

Tyent H2 Hybrid(H20 water)


pH range : 2.5 – 11.5*
ORP Range : up to – 1300*
Generates : 8 types of water levels.
Technology : Twin cell Technology
Warranty : 3 Years on machine & 15 years on plates
*Depends on input water quality and Flow rate
(No use of external chemicals, salts, or artificial enhancers)


Colour Full Display









Save energy by enabling Eco Mode on Your ionizer to only display the current time after non-use!







Real-time Filter Usage Indication
The display indicates the filter usage on the LCD screen allowing
you to Know exactly when it’s time to change your filters!







Fixed quantity discharge function

1.5L  1.0L  1.0L

For your convenience, the ionizer has the ability to dispense a predetermined
amount of water and then stop. presets include 0.5L, 1.0L, & 1.5L.

Composition of Product











Secondary Electrolysis System
it is the secondary electrolysis system through the ionized water electrolytic cell after the primary electrolytic cell through the hydrogen water electrolytic cell. in this way, Hydrogen Alkaline water with a high concentration of hydrogen is generated in real-time.




ROUND Mesh ionized water electrode maximizes electrolytic efficiency & ROUND CROSS edge Hydrogen water electrode maximizes hydrogen generation rate
Round cross-edge type electrode design considering the characteristics of electricity is very high in functional water generation efficiency.

Using the largest size of electrodes covered by platinum-coated titanium mesh
Compare to other products, it is 3-10 times bigger.

4 Way valve type automatic outflow switching type electroylzer
Acidic and alkaline are not mixed during polarity switching and cleaning o Wastewater, except for hydrogen water, is discharged only through the waste Water drain.

Electrolyzer module with anti-scale through polarity switching
Scaling of the cathode electrode, which is the biggest problem of the Hydrogen Electrolyzer, is basically blocked.

Automatic CLEANING Function
The inside of the Electrolyzer can be periodically cleaned according to the program control


SMART safety Diagnosis function


Automatic Stop Function
Water outflow will stop to prevent overflow or flooding. there is no need to wait if the unit automatically shuts off. You can resume its use immediately.





Temperature sensor
This unit is equipped with a temperature sensor which prevents the accidental inflow of hot water.





Sensing function of supplied raw water
The outflow of functional water stops automatically when raw water is not supplied, preventing the electrolytic cell and power supply unit from being damaged due to current overflow, water from being wasted and accidental water leaks.




Detects if filter door is open
When the door is open, the water supply will be suspended for your safety.






No Name No Name
Alkaline level 1
Acidic level 3
Alkaline level 2
Filter usage
Alkaline level 3
System setup
Purified water
Voice On/Off
Fixed qty discharge
Manual Cleaning
Turbo water
Eco mode On/Off
Acidic level 1
1st Filter reset
Acidic level 2
2nd Filter reset


Model Tyent H2 Hybrid.
Electrode Materials : platinum and Titanium
pH Range : 2.5 – 11.5.*
ORP Range : up to – 1250.*
Generates : 8 types of water levels.
pH Levels : 3 alkalines, 2 Acidic, 1 neutral, & 1 Turbo (Strong alkaline 11.5pH).
plate Surface area : 52.9*13 = 687.7 sq inches.
Water Generating Capacity         : 1.5-3.0L/min.
Filters Structure : 2 filters( .01 micron NSF & ANSI certified).
Filter Materials : Carbon Block, UF, TM ceramics, Membrance & Calcium sulfite.
Filter Capacity : 8000L.
Dimension(mm) : 300(W) * 135(D) * 355(H).
Weight(kg) : 5.2
Cleaning type : Automatic (PAST technology).
Display Type : One-touch LCD.
power Supply : Patented SMPS PLUS power supply.
Power consumption :  Max 220W.
Operating Voltage Range :  200 – 240V, 50-60HZ.
Voice Confirmation :  Yes
Input water parameters required   Input water TDS: 90 – 160.
: Input water pH: 7pH.
Input water Pressure: 5-7L/Min.
Warranty : 3 Years on ionizer & 15 years on Electrodes/plates.
General Services : 3 Services per year up to 3 years in Warranty peroid (PAN INDIA)
Safety Function : Water temperature sensor, Supplying water sensor, Overheating protection sensor & Error indication sensor.


Tyent’s NSF & EPA certified Extreme .01 Micron filtration

 Tyent filters are EPA & NSF Certified.

Tyent Extreme .01 micron filters remove even the toughest contaminants such as arsenic, chromium VI.etc

Tyent filters can remove heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, heavy
contamination, Micro-organisms, Bacteria, Viruses, algae, fungi.





Carbon block
Activated carbon was made into a block form that has a larger surfer area than particle -type activated carbon. it has a very high adsorption rate. it works to filter residual chlorine, organic compounds, and heavy metals by activated adsorption

Pretreatment filtration function for filtering various precipitates contained in raw water

Calcium sulfite
Removes residual chlorine completely by oxidation-reduction reaction

TM Ceramic
The ceramic was made by mixing the high-emissivity far infrared minerals containing potassium(k), sodium(Na), and calcium(Ca) with TM and TM – X stock solutions. These multi-functional ceramic have antioxidants, antimicrobial and far infrared Radiation

Many Fine Pores on the filter surface remove containment from the water. It removes bad elements such as bacteria viruses and particulates but does not remove substances that are beneficial to our body, such as minerals


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