Experience the refreshing power of antioxidant-rich hydrogen water, effortlessly delivered by our new-age purifier. Its state-of-the-art technology ensures palatable water, customized to your desired temperature any time of the day. With a compact and elegant design that complements any kitchen decor, and a dynamic LED touch panel for a comfortable user experience, HydroAce sets the standard for advanced technology and wellness. Embrace the future of healthy hydration with HydroAce, the finest example of advanced technology and wellness in one compact design.





  • Get Molecular Hydrogen Water + RO Purified Water + Active Silver Ionized Water.
  • Palatable taste of hydrogen water at high hydrogen levels.
  • Zero water wastage environment-friendly hydrogen water maker.
  • Generates molecular hydrogen at pH 7.5 to pH 9.
  • Dual purification of Reverse Osmosis & Active Silver technology.
  • In-built RO purification to provide contaminant-free water.
  • Dynamic display panel with LED soft touch button for comfort.
  • Compact design, portability and elegant product body to suit every kitchen decor.
  • Do-It-Yourself simple filter replacement system.
  • Option to choose the quantity of hydrogen water for dispensing- Glass & Bottle size
  • The transparent tank accommodates 8L water and is sufficient for a square-size family for a day
  • Free door step delivery and installation
  • Free door step Service
Technical Specifications – HydroAce
Parameters Specifications
Dispensing Flow Rate Upto 1 litre/min
Purification Flow Rate 25 LPH
Storage Tank Capacity 8 Litres
Dimensions (WxDxH) 475x240x430 mm
Display Screen LED Display with Touch Panel
H2 Water Up to 1500 ppb
Normal Water 24° C
Warm Water 48° C
Tea 90° C
Coffee 85° C
Hot 100° C
ORP Hydrogen water Up to – 500 mV
Indications Purity, Purified Water, Filter Span, No Water
Continuous Usage Time Not more than 30 minutes
Purification Stages 8
Prefilter 10″ PP Spun 10 micron with filter bag
Dual Filter 10 micron 8″ pp cotton filter and activated carbon filter
RO Reverse Osmosis – Removing microbes in the water
Activated Carbon Filter 10″ carbon filter
ESS Active Silver Ions
Silver Impregnated Carbon 4″ carbon cartridge
Mineraliser Cartridge Adds essential minerals
Hydrogen Cell Platinized Titanium electrode with SPE (Solid Polymer Electrlyte) membrane
Operating Voltage 230+10% VAC
Power Consumption (W) 2.2 Kilo watts
Power Rating 16 A
Product Weight (Net) Approximately 13kg
Inlet Opening 1/2″ BSP thread connection
Inlet Water Temperature Less than 45 Centigrade
Inlet Pressure 0.5-2 kg/cm2
Feed Water TDS (PPM) Up to 1500ppm
Turbidity(NTU) Less than 5
Total Hardness (PPM) 500 max
Free Chlorine (PPM) Nil


Hot, Warm or Room Temperature. Your choice

At the press of a feather touch, enjoy water at the temperature you’d like. In fact, HydroAce dispenses water perfect for a fresh cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer. What’s more, if you are worried about children and hot water spills, this smart Water Generator comes with a child lock too!

Drink to your health. Every day.

Deep research and cutting-edge technology ensures HydroAce delivers wellness advantages through a contemporary experience. Ease-of-use goes hand in hand with lifelong health From reducing stress, inflammation, and cellular damage to glowing skin, increased energy levels and lower disease symptoms, you’ll have it all now, right at your fingertips.

  • Ensure that your HydroAce unit has been installed at a cool, dry and well ventilated place
  • Provide proper earthing to the unit.
  • Keep the reject (drain) line well above the drain line.
  • Replace Dual filter, ACF, Nova, Alkaline crafter and RO elements as per the schedule for efficient working of unit
  • Always use genuine spares for guaranteed performance
  • Expose the unit to direct sunlight
  • Shift machine to other location without emptying the storage tank.
  • Pass hot water through the unit as it may damage the filters.
  • Place any heavy or dangerous objects on top of the purifier as this may damage the body of your HydroAce
  • Attempt to repair or service the unit yourself, attempting to do so will void your valuable product warranty. contact HydroAce customer help desk for service or repair.
  • Raise the cell reject line (Drain Line) of electrolyzer and bend above the base line of the unit.
  • Do not buy local spares; this will put risk on your water quality and the purifier performance.
Installation of TML HydroAce
Location of the unit

Find out a suitable position for installing HydroAce on platform, Locate the HydroAce so as to have easy access to dispensing.

HydroAce should be located close to an available tap or water outlet (not exceeding 1meter length).

A pre-filter along with inlet, drain has to be located over a drainage point such as sink in the kitchen.

HydroAce should be located conveniently where the power outlet of 230V AC is available.

The reject line and electrolyser reject line and the pre-filter is free falling water line; avoid connecting any tube over this port. Also keep the reject line 3-4 inch above the drain port.


Installation requirements:

  • Electrical requirements: 230V AC + 10%, 16 Amp. Socket with proper earthing to be made available at the point of installation.
  • Plumbing requirements:
  • 1/2″ water line with minimum of 0.5 kg/cm2 and maximum of 2 – kg/cm2 pressure.
  • Drainage line is required within a distance of 1 meter from the unit.
  • Ensure that the raw water quality meets the specifications. For RO mode TDS should not exceed 1500 ppm and non-RO mode TDS should not exceed 120 ppm.
  • If pressure is more than 2 kg/cm2 use PRV

Special Instruction

  1. Never attempt to repair or service the unit yourself, attempting to do so will void your valuable product warranty. Contact HydroAce customer help desk for service or repair.
  2. If the unit makes unusual noise or other problem, unplug the power cord immediately and contact HydroAce customer care helpline.
  3. If you plan not to use the unit for an extended period, say more than one week, unplug your HydroAce, drain the water from storage tank by pressing dispensing button and close inlet tap of the unit.
  4. Use socket of more than 10 amp, while connecting unit to the Power supply
  5. Ensure that inlet water temp is in the range of 5- 380 C


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