Leveluk SD501 Platinum Water Ionizer Machine

Leveluk SD501 Platinum Water Ionizer Machine


  • User Friendly
  • Voice Confirmations
  • Automatic Cleaning
  • Smart Filter Technology

Leveluk SD501 Platinum Water Ionizer Machine



[ninja_tables id=”1787″]The LeveLuk SD 501 Platinum is a design upgrade of the SD 501, which, much like its predecessor is designed with longevity and durability in mind. Its electrolysis chamber consists of 7 solid platinum-coated titanium plates that allow it to run continuously for 30 minutes. In addition to all the key features of the SD 501 however, the SD 501 Platinum is built with a platinum body to add a touch of modern elegance.

Maintenance is also a breeze, with the built-in voice notification now capable of speaking all notifications in five languages (English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish). Make your kitchen the envy of your guests with the SD 501 Platinum!

Powerful Performance

The all-new Platinum features a revamped modern design that coordinates beautifully with today’s stylish kitchens. It has the same powerful performance in an all-new package. Smart New Look, Same Reliability! Generates: Strong Kangen Water, Kangen Water®, Neutral Water, Beauty Water, and Strong Acidic Water.

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