With the mushrooming population of today’s fast moving world, the most important resource for consumption inarguably remains water. One can live without any other resource but water. Health is now at the front seat in terms of priority for the youth who are increasingly aware of the importance of health in all walks of life. After consistent deliberations and discussions, people are sure to understand and choose The Modern Living for whom health is more than a checkbox–it is a top priority. They see their customers as potentials for ideal transformation and bring out the best in them by focusing on their physical and mental well being.

Considering the kind of pollution the world is witnessing at the moment, the crisis we are sure to be posed with in the near future will be shortage of drinking water availability. Keeping this possibility in mind, The Modern Living has come up with a star product–HydroAce Hydrogen water generator. This star product was introduced to Surat via Golive.

What is The Modern Living?

Ion Exchange India ltd. project includes The Modern Living. It boasts of treating water and pioneering its act from as long back as 1964. India is one of the most populated and polluted countries in the world which is why it remains absolutely essential in India to curate specialized water treatment projects. Ion Exchange India ltd is one such project of which The Modern Living is an essential component.

Ion Exchange India ltd strives and continues to offer comprehensive solutions for all forms of water–waste management, waste water and energy. They provide services to thriving global industries, communities and municipalities. Their primary concern is public health.

The Modern Living has a vision and a mission. It envisions the world to be a world of colorful joy with all individuals enjoying the pink of health, fulfillment and happiness. Their mission is more cause driven than profit driven which makes it the obvious choice for its customers. They seek to empower individuals and lives by promoting and providing them with an alternative, modern way of life advancing a modern existence. They make claims of starting and creating innovative methods of ensuring health among its customers. Through guaranteed connections and products, they offer a life of well being in its entirety. The HydroAce Hydrogen water generator too is one such product.

What is HydroAce?

HydroAce is a hydrogen water generator that is especially curated for homes that envision to be smart! It is one of the most sought after products of The Modern Living. Drinking antioxidant rich hydrogen water is not just an ideal act but also one that boasts of incredible health benefits. They not only offer you water that is safe for drinking in every way imaginable but also ensure that this water is made available to you at your desired temperature. You can have it chilled, hot or at room temperature at your will.

It is designed in the classiest manner possible making it user friendly and space friendly. It has a design which is sleek, does not take up much space and even has a touch panel that is easily accessible by all. They are on a mission to redefine what technology and health means to the world and rightly so. With an accurate idea about the kind of products customers are looking for, HydroAce comes up with an innovation that makes it a perfect combination of sophistication and health centered way of life.

Features of HydroAce

HydroAce makes health not a choice but a way of life and the following are its key features:

  • Top notch hydration techniques: They offer you with new methods of hydration to ensure that you consume water regardless of what form it is in. They offer you water that is warm, hot, ambient, coffee or tea to ensure that your body remains hydrated throughout.
  • Unparalleled hydro power: It has a hydropower of 1500 PPB hydro concentration making it ideal for an invigorating sip.
  • Safe for use: It can be used and operated by all including children with its premium temperature control and child lock technology.
  • Mystic Eye: It makes the experience of water generation a treat to watch with the visibility of hydrogen bubbles.
  • pH Balance on point: It offers hydrogen water in its purest form with a pH balance of 7.5-9.0.
  • Purest form of water: With a two step purification process through silver and RO, the water it generates is the purest and safest that can be.
Benefits of using HydroAce

HydroAce has two sets of benefits–the benefits it offers as a product and the benefits it offers for health.

Product benefits
  • Space efficient: HydroAce is a space savior with its sensitivity to the growing lack of space in modern homes today.
  • Elixir of beauty: It is rightly referred to as the elixir because it offers water as beautiful and as beneficial as the elixir.
  • Hassle-free set up: It offers a quick setup with its effortless installation services.
  • Cakewalk maintenance: Maintaining HydroAce is a cakewalk considering how easy it is to sustain its pristine condition.
  • Catalyzes hydration: It instills thirst in you and makes sure you’re hydrated throughout.
  • Top notch filter life: The filter quality and validity of HydroAce is envy inducing too.
Health benefits
  1. Invigorating energy: Makes you energized.
  2. Free defense against oxidants: Acts as an antioxidant.
  3. Consistent hydration: Makes you want to drink water.
  4. Puts gut to peace: Steers your gut clear from contaminated water.
  5. Catalyzes brain function: Accelerates your memory.
  6. Acts as an energy booster: Post workout elixir.

How did Golive change the game of HydroAce?

Golive Nobel Care is a Surat based brand that took it upon itself to introduce HydroAce to Surat. Not only did it introduce the product to Surat but also widened it’s reach by making it available to celebrities like Karishma Tanna, Divya Dutta, Madan Chandwadkar and Shraddha Arya. All these celebrities are testaments to the wonders of HydroAce and wholeheartedly attribute their glow to the high quality water they drink all thanks to The Modern Living.

With a quality assured product as great as HydroAce that is produced by a company as trustworthy as The Modern Life, it is imperative to note that safe drinking water is not a possibility but a reality. Add to that, Golive’s efforts to bring about a transformative change in the way people in Surat choose to drink water with even celebrities sending in their killer reviews for the same, has made TML’s master product a huge success. With all its pros and obviously redeeming features, people are sure to be tempted to buy it and use it to ensure a powerhouse of good quality water is made available for hydrating individuals all over the world. Choose HydroAce today!

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