Bottled water has become quite an essential part of our everyday lives, but not every product is created in the same manner. You have so many options to choose from – from RO to spring water brands or natural mineral water. But the one category that is gaining everyone’s attention is ionized alkaline water. You must have seen athletes promote it and celebs drink it, but what exactly is alkaline water? Let us dive in!

What do you understand about alkaline water?

Ph scale

The pH level helps us to understand how acidic or alkaline a solution is when measured on a scale of 0 to 14. While alkaline water has a pH close to 8, normal drinking water has a pH of 7. However, pH alone is not enough to give alkalinity to a purification solution.

Alkaline water must also contain certain kinds of minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium since these are not produced in our own bodies. We need these minerals to protect us from diseases caused by deficiencies, such as osteoporosis. 

To define it in simple words, alkalinity is the ability that water possesses to neutralize acids. Alkaline water, though it only has moderate alkaline pH (potential hydrogen), may also have high alkalinity since pH and alkaline are not similar. If you are suffering from health issues due to acidity, you need water that possesses a high amount of alkalinity to neutralize the acidity level as much as possible. Whereas on the other hand, alkaline ionized water has a high pH value and low alkalinity.

Ionization happens when a molecule or an atom either loses or absorbs electrons, thus making the atom an ion or charged particle. It can either be negative or positive in its electrical charge as it mostly depends on the gain or loss of electrons by the atoms. The water gains antioxidant potential when the minerals present in the ionized alkaline water absorb electrons during the process of ionization.

Ionized alkaline water vs. alkaline water

Ionized alkaline water has a much higher composition of antioxidant properties when compared to normal alkaline water. Any solution with a pH of more than 7 is considered alkaline. However, its health benefits are lower when compared to ionized water. 

You will notice considerable differences between these two types of solutions. When the alkaline water is ionized, it becomes revolutionary as it offers many additional health benefits, such as improving brain functioning, possessing age-fighting antioxidant potential, highly detoxifying, and being super hydrating. 

The alkaline water ionizer’s ionization process breaks the electrical bonding between the water molecules. Alkaline water ionizer helps to eliminate impurities and harmful elements from the water. In addition, it also helps in balancing/neutralizing the acidic elements present in the body by eliminating the acidic waste. Thus, you can notice that ionized water offers so much more benefits than normal alkaline water. 

In simpler words, if we were to define the benefits of drinking ionize alkaline water, it would be as follows:

  • Helps to manage the level of sugar
  • Prevents the loss of hair
  • Smoothening and improving the overall function of the gastrointestinal  

Although both alkaline and ionize alkaline water are good for your health, ionized alkaline water provides some additional health benefits.

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